Thursday, February 10, 2011


we also sell perfumes..
just click this link, and get all the informations :)


Hello Parfum and Dessert lovers,

"Taste & Scent" - Our tag line
We’re selling perfume from Le Reve.
Range of parfum selections will be posted.
Perfume testing consultation only available in Cyberjaya/ Putrajaya / Klang Valley.
No delivery charges for Cyberjaya/ Putrajaya / Klang Valley clients.

Bake good is also our specialties but for now we are accepting orders for “Bread Pudding”.
Pictures of “Bread Pudding” will be uploaded soon.

To order, please contact or PM us at least 7 days before delivery to avoid dissatisfactory.
Phone: 013-2491215

Thank you.

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  1. Hello.. we also have Bread Pudding.. kindly check our blog.. thanks :D